P A C U J A W I Tanah Datar – Indonesia

T e h H a n L i n

P A C U  J A W I

Pacu means race and Jawi means cow or bull or ox . Pacu jawi is a traditional cow race in Padang, West Sumatra – Indonesia that taking place in the Tanah Datar regency.

Pacu Jawi has become a celebration and part of the cultural community. Formerly, Pacu Jawi  just as an entertainment activity before the rice planting season arrives. When muddy paddy field before planting rice, then the community spurred his cows. Gradually these activities increasingly popular and has now become a tradition, celebration, culture is even more elevated it into a tourist attraction.

A good race performance can lead to generating a higher price for those farmers that plan to sell their breeding stock.

Lembah Harau, West Sumatera.

Pacu Jawi is said to have originated from a small town called Batusangkar, the capital of the Tanah Datar Regency. The highly thrilling…

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