Weh Island, Where Kilometer Zero of Indonesia Starts to Count

Stories of Wanderer

During three years my stay in Aceh, Weh Island had been my escape sanctuary every time I was fed up with the hectic of city life. Not merely its location closed to Banda Aceh, but also the beauty of its tropical beach spread its magic to make me feel too comfortable to leave the island once I stepped my feet there several times. So, in one morning, my friend from work, Farid asked me a question,

 “What are you doing in the weekend?”
“Nothing. I’m waiting for someone to ask me out” I answered.
“So, let’s go out with me to Weh Island”

This invitation was too good to ignore. I immediately said “I’m in” even without giving any second thought. Apparently, Farid already asked my other friend, Royan and Bu Dewi to join us. That would be perfect since I will have girl friend to share room with since Farid…

Lihat pos aslinya 1.134 kata lagi


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