Evan Dimas Joins RCD Espanyol

Considered one of the best players of Indonesia, he is the first football player who arrives to Spain to participate of the LaLiga’s project to upgrade the development of the game in different countries.

Evan Dimas Joins RCD Espanyol

Evan Dimas arrives to Spain with the aim to discover RCD Espanyol’s working methods. Dimas is the first player selected to be part of the LaLiga’s support program to local players, a project created with the aim of giving an opportunity to well known football players of different regions so they can develop their capacities in the best possible environment.

With this project, LaLiga wants to support the training of young talents in different countries IN the world, with particular emphasis on the development of potential skilled players of each country. Evan Dimas is the first player of the different ones that will join this project, in which they will visit different Spanish clubs to know how they work.

In Evan’s case, he will stay with RCD Espanyol, a model club in the development of players whose academy teams achieved titles every season and has players of its academy in the first team.

“I am very pleased for THIS opportunity and delighted with the reception, everyone has been very nice to me”, has said Evan Dimas already in Barcelona.

Evan will train with Espanyol B until the end of the season but he won’t play any official match. The agreement signed between LaLiga and the different federations is only the beginning of a narrow relation between the agencies, whose collaboration will combine various projects in the future.

During his first hours in the city, Dimas has visited the club’s facilities and he has met the staff and his new teammates, with whom he will train from next Tuesday, February 9th.

His arrival to a LaLiga’s club has been a great event in Indonesia, where the player was Trending Topic for several hours and Laliga and RCD Espanyol were trending in the country, being one of the main topics of conversation in social networks.

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