Positive Attitudes We Can Learn from Bule (Foreigners)

"Travel brings yourself back as yourself" - Dea Sihotang

Travel brings you to meet so many different kind of people. That’s true. Since I started to travel abroad from my own comfort zone aka Jakarta, I start to meet different kind of people from different nationalities. Some of it can bring me such a shock (probably called culture shock) but indeed that’s also fill me with some different idea about another human and how they live their way of life in a positive way.

The opportunity to meet so many international people along my journey – or in my daily life, bring me to a conclusion, that I can learn some of positive behavior they have. True, basically we all just human. All the races, land where we live, the figures we have, just an attribute that might make us look different, but in general we all just simply human. We have same part of body, ears, eyes, legs…

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